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Truck Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA personal injury lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyers and Attorneys in Beverly Hills

Any type of traffic accident, but particularly those involving large trucks, can be traumatic. A large truck is described by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as one that weighs more than 10,000 pounds, but large 18-wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. The average four-door car weighs between 2,500 and 4,000 pounds, which explains why a collision between a big truck and a sedan can be so deadly.

Truck crashes are more likely to result in serious injury along with several legal issues than other types of traffic accidents. As a result, if you have been involved in a truck crash, please call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Our Top-Rated Truck Accident Attorneys Will Help Solve The Liable Parties in a Truck Accident

Determining who is responsible for the damage is one of the most difficult aspects of a truck accident situation. When a car accident occurs, one of the drivers involved is normally held responsible. If a truck is involved, however, there could be other people that are responsible.

Truck Driver
If the crash was caused by driver error, intoxication, or distracted driving, truck drivers may be held responsible.

Truck Driver’s Employer
In most cases, if the truck driver’s negligence caused the crash, the truck driver’s employer would be held responsible. Employers could also be held liable if the accident was caused by the driver being overworked or not receiving enough instruction. Trucking companies must also test their vehicles on a regular basis. The contractor could be held responsible if the failure to adequately inspect a truck results in an accident.

If the accident was caused by a faulty component on the vehicle, the manufacturer of that part may be held responsible for your injuries.

You could be able to hold the city, county, or state responsible for your injury if a truck accident was caused by road hazards that could have been fixed.

It can be difficult to figure out what caused the accident, particularly if the trucking company is attempting to place blame on you. Despite the fact that there are several federal laws aimed at preventing truck accidents, several trucking companies and drivers struggle to follow them. If you’ve been hurt in a truck crash, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away to start looking into the cause of the accident.

Common Truck Accident Injuries Our Lawyers Can Help You With

In a truck crash, you may sustain more serious injuries than if you were in an accident with another car. The following are the most common truck crash injuries:

Spinal Cord Injuries
Severe injuries may occur if the spinal cord is affected, compacted, or extended as a result of the force of the impact. Following a spinal cord injury, some patients can lose feeling and mobility in some parts of their bodies. A complete spinal cord injury can result in total paralysis in serious cases.

Because of the force of the impact, victims of truck accidents often experience broken or fractured bones. Victims’ legs, bodies, and chests are often broken or fractured.

Head Injuries
During a truck accident, passengers can hit their heads against the steering wheel, dashboard, or windows of the vehicle. As a consequence, victims may experience mild, moderate, or extreme brain injuries.

Abdominal Trauma
During a truck collision, the abdomen can also be injured. As a result of their abdomen rubbing against the seatbelt, victims can only experience slight bruising. Truck accident victims, on the other hand, can sustain serious abdominal injuries, including organ damage as a result of blunt trauma.

Contact Our Lawyers at CZ Law Today If You Were Involved in a Truck Accident

Truck crash lawsuits are much more complicated than other types of car accidents, which is why you need a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side. If you’ve been hurt in a truck crash, call Carpenter & Zuckerman right away to talk about your legal options.

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