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A Time to Die: The True Impact of the Biannual Time Change in the U.S.

The research is clear: our country’s years-long tradition of switching the clocks by an hour each spring and fall is killing us. Numerous research studies have shown a sudden spike in heart attacks in the 24-hour period after the spring time change, as well as increases in strokes, workplace injuries, mood disorders, and car accidents.


When Tech Kills: Who Is Liable for Self-Driving Car Crashes?

The idea of a utopian society, complete with self-driving vehicles seamlessly navigating the roadways (or skyways?) and transporting people anywhere they desire to go has, up until recently, been a futuristic science fiction plot line. However, with modern-day advances in technology, including Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self Driving features, along with Space X’s rocket boosters that safely land back on earth, scenes like the bustling, air traffic-filled city of Coruscant in Star Wars may be in our near future, rather than a galaxy far, far away!


When Road Rage Strikes: How Can You Protect Yourself?

You’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway. Suddenly, another driver cuts you off. Reacting instinctively, you quickly hit the brakes and tap your horn at the inconsiderate driver. Without warning, the enraged driver stops and exits their car, aggressively rushing toward your vehicle with a metal rod in hand.


Jeremy Renner’s Snow Plow Accident Exposes Winter Road Dangers

Jeremy Renner, the Oscar-nominated actor who is best known as the bow and arrow-wielding superhero Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was severely injured during a tragic New Year’s Day snow plow accident near his home in Reno, Nevada. Renner’s accident is a stark reminder that none of us are immune to winter roadway dangers, and like the lyrics of Five for Fighting’s 2000 hit song, “Superman”, even heroes have the right to bleed.


Martin Luther King's "Loving Your Enemies" Sermon

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "Loving Your Enemies" sermon on November 17, 1957, at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. In this powerful and moving speech, Dr. King explains the importance of loving one's enemies in the face of hatred and violence.


New CA 2023 Laws: Bicycle & Pedestrian Bills With Racial & Social Justice Impact

Most people would not find the subject of new traffic laws something to “write home about,” or in modern-day terms, repost on social media. However, this year, two new California laws might just break that mold: Governor Gavin Newsom signed two pieces of legislation into effect which not only create bicyclists’ rights and legalize jaywalking, but were also designed to address current racial and social justice issues.


Ice Storm 2022 Wreaks Havoc in Western WA

A massive storm rolled into Western Washington just before Christmas Eve 2022, a large swath of the Pacific Northwest region was struck with power outages, airport closures, traffic accidents, and injuries, taxing the impacted areas’ emergency support services and bringing regional travel to a standstill.


Lawsuit Alleges Widespread Sexual Abuse in L.A. County Juvenile Hall System

Nearly 300 plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit alleging widespread sexual abuse in the Los Angeles County juvenile detention system, dating from the 1970s through 2018.


At-fault to $1M Settlement: CZ Law Procures Justice for Accident Victim’s Family

At CZ Law, we don’t back down from tough cases. Our formidable personal injury lawyers aren’t afraid of a challenge and strategically take on complex cases, when many less experienced firms would turn away. Most recently, CZ Law Partner Pejman Ben-Cohen, together with Trial Lawyer Peter Cho, secured a $1 million policy-limit settlement in a wrongful death accident lawsuit where our client, the decedent, was deemed 100% at-fault.

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