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Along with the rise in popularity of food and product delivery services in recent years, and especially with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the risk of delivery driver accidents has increased. According to JD Supra’s analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2016-2019, delivery drivers accounted for approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities in the United States. 

If you have been involved in an accident with a FedEx, Amazon, or Flex driver, do not hesitate to contact Carpenter & Zuckerman today! Our team of delivery driver accident lawyers are here to help you in any way possible when it comes to getting the settlement you deserve. 

FedEx, Amazon, and other delivery drivers are not exempt from safety rules or insurance regulations; they can and should be held accountable for any injuries they inflict due to negligence. If you’ve been involved in a delivery driver accident, call CZ Law today.

CZ Law Can Handle Your Delivery Driver Accident Claim

At Carpenter & Zuckerman, we understand that being involved in an accident with an Amazon, FedEx, or Flex driver can be a frightening experience. In addition to the trauma of being involved in the accident, you may be confused as to who is liable for your damages. 

At CZ Law, our experienced delivery driver accident lawyers are well-versed in dealing with the often-dishonest tactics that insurance companies and large corporations use when attempting to evade liability for an accident. Call Carpenter & Zuckerman today if you’ve been involved in a delivery driver accident so we can manage the insurance claims process  on your behalf, allowing you to focus on recovering. 

CZ Law’s reputable team of Amazon, FedEx, and Flex driver accident attorneys are prepared to handle your case every step of the way. We can investigate your case, gather evidence, and negotiate on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

What to Do After a Delivery Driver Accident in California

We recommend you take the following steps to document your accident and potential injuries:

  • Call 911 immediately if anyone is injured in the accident.

  • Check yourself and photograph any injuries you sustained.

  • Seek medical attention as soon as you can.

  • Document the scene of the accident and take as many photos as possible.

  • Speak to any witnesses and get their contact information if they’re willing to speak on your behalf.

  • Share insurance information with all involved parties, if you’re physically able to.

  • File an accident report with the police or local authorities.

  • Contact Amazon, Flex, or FedEx to report the accident.

  • Contact an experienced delivery driver accident lawyer for advice.

Who Is Liable in a Delivery Driver Accident? 

There are multiple scenarios in which a FedEx, Amazon, Flex, or other delivery driver accident can occur. The driver may have been in a clearly marked delivery vehicle, or they may have been operating their personal, unmarked vehicle to perform deliveries at the time of the accident. There may have been other cars involved in the accident as well.

As long as the delivery driver was at fault, you may be eligible for compensation. Delivery corporations and insurance companies will often try to shirk responsibility for an accident by claiming that the driver is an independent contractor rather than an employee. The process of determining liability may be further complicated by the fact that there are usually several insurance companies involved in the claims process, including the delivery driver’s personal policy, the delivery company’s corporate policy, and your own insurance policy. 

Ultimately, the delivery company will likely bear some level of responsibility for the accident, regardless of the delivery driver’s employment classification. An accomplished delivery driver accident attorney can skillfully manage the process of determining liability so you don’t have to.

CZ Law’s Amazon, FedEx, & Flex Accident Attorneys Can Help!

Our personal injury lawyers are here to help you through the process and work with the insurance companies on your behalf. We want your goal to be recovering so you can get back to a normal life. Trust the attorneys at CZ Law to get you the compensation that you deserve. 

Once we have thoroughly prepared your accident and injury case, we’ll fight to get you fair compensation. This process includes dealing with insurance companies, sending demand letters to responsible parties, and going to court, if necessary, on your behalf.

Our personal injury lawyers will help determine how much the liable insurance companies owe for your injuries. Some of the damages you may be eligible for include pain and suffering after the accident, medical bills, damage to personal property, and lost wages during recovery. Call Carpenter & Zuckerman today to get the compensation you deserve.

Our Amazon, Flex, and FedEx accident lawyers proudly serve all of California and beyond. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas.

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