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Assault by Celebrity Lawyers and Attorneys

What to Do When Attacked by a Celebrity or Public Figure

Celebrities and those in the limelight can sometime act erratic publicly and otherwise act out in violent or disturbing ways. However, no amount of social status makes one invincible from criminal liability in an assault case. Working as a paparazzi or professional photographer who interacts with celebrities and public figures can sometimes be a dangerous job – when tensions rise and celebrities lose their temper, serious assaults and injuries can occur. At Carpenter & Zuckerman, our attorneys have seen nearly every kind of celebrity-related assault case, and are able to expertly navigate these cases and win maximum compensation for our clients.

When Do Celebrities Assault Photographers?

Taking a simple photo can result in punching, kicking, and other forms of physical assault when dealing with celebrities and public figures. These types of assaults can happen in a variety of different circumstances, whether it be simply walking down the street, red carpet events, or other situations where photographers interact with celebrities. Our team has seen paparazzi photographers unjustifiably assaulted by celebrities on all manner of occasions, and they often happen to the complete surprise of the photographer.

Where Does It Come From?

As stated above, no celebrity or public figure is immune from criminal liability. At Carpenter & Zuckerman, our team has extensive experience litigating these types of unique cases, and knows how to best navigate them to secure the best outcome for the victim. If you’re a paparazzi photographer who’s been assaulted by a celebrity or public figure, get in touch with the team at Carpenter & Zuckerman today to discuss your potential case. We have an experienced team of trial attorneys on standby at any given time, and we will not stop until we win!

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