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I slipped, fell, and was injured in an apartment building – now what?

When buildings and structures have gone years or decades without renovation, slip and falls that result in injury due to someone else’s negligence can easily occur. These types of injuries can happen at hotels, apartment buildings, bars, public buildings, and other places that have not been properly renovated and maintained. When these injury accidents occur, whether it’s a slip and fall caused by lack of city renovation, or falling over a loose hotel balcony, these are all serious legal cases that deserve fast and full compensation.

Apartment buildings are no exception to this – many landlords will not adequately maintain their properties, resulting in injuries and accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. Apartment injuries can happen in stairwells, kitchens, basements, laundry facilities, complex gyms or other complex facilities, or in other circumstances. When a property owner is responsible for a tenant being injured while on their property, these building owners and companies will attempt to deny any responsibility. As with other types of injury cases, getting compensation for an injury that was sustained in an apartment building will not simply be given – it must be demanded.   

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When it comes to representing the victims of injury due to the negligence of apartment building owners and landlords, Carpenter & Zuckerman has fought and won some of the most difficult injury cases, securing just compensation for countless citizens across the United States. Get in touch with our team today if you’ve been the victim of an injury due to the neglect of either privately-owned or publicly-owned facilities.  

Our formidable team does not stop until we obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

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