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Accidental Drowning personal injury lawyer

Accidental Drowning Lawyers and Attorneys

How and Why Do Accidental Drownings Happen?

Many people drown in swimming pools. It’s especially tragic when the victim of a drowning is a child.  In cases where the victim survives, it is likely they will suffer permanent brain damage. Property owners have insurance to cover the long-term care required for brain injury victims, or to compensate for wrongful death claims that result from swimming pool drownings. Even if the property owner is a friend, it is important that you file a claim. 

Representing Drowning Victims and Their Families

Cases of accidental drowning can be difficult and nuanced, with a need to prove negligence on the part of the responsible party. In cases like these, having extensive experience managing tough injury and wrongful death cases is key to securing a just outcome. The trial attorneys at CZ Law are highly experienced at litigating swimming pool drowning cases.

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