Carpenter & Zuckerman Secures $4M+ Settlement for Brain Injury in a Previously Dismissed Case

Find out how trial attorney John C. Carpenter of Carpenter & Zuckerman used the “Truth Love Justice ” strategy to turn this case around and obtain a nearly $5M settlement for his client.

Jose (last name omitted for privacy) suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell two stories from a ladder at a job site. At the time of the accident, Jose was working as an independent contractor through an employment agency. He was asked to use a ladder to install siding on a building, but there were no fall precautions in place to protect him. The ladder tipped over and  Jose sustained life-changing injuries.

Five-and-a-half years after the accident, with Jose’s case newly- dismissed, he turned to Carpenter & Zuckerman trial attorney John C. Carpenter for help. John recalls the challenge of stepping into the case late in the game and attempting to pinpoint who was liable for Jose’s injuries, comparing it to “finding a needle in a haystack.”

Finding the Truth

Despite the emotional roller coaster of working on the case, John remained steadfastly determined to find the key that would unlock the case and deliver justice for Jose. “The thing that drove me in this case…was the absolute truth that Jose was suffering from a brain injury, ” John said. “ I could just tell that he was suffering.”

After painstakingly combing through the details of the case, John eventually uncovered the truth: Jose had clearly documented his symptoms of traumatic brain injury in Spanish on his workers’ compensation questionnaire; however, the workers’ compensation physician didn’t speak Spanish, and hadn’t read Jose’s questionnaire. The physician’s official report in English neglected to even mention Jose’s telltale symptoms, including difficulties with concentration and memory.

Delivering Justice

Armed with the truth, John quickly moved to disqualify the original defense attorney on the case. He presented the full scope of Jose’s injuries to the new defense attorney who was able to take a “fresh and honest look at the case.” 

With the truth revealed, John appealed to the new defense attorney’s human qualities of love and empathy to precipitate a settlement of nearly $5 million in the case, ultimately delivering justice for Jose.    

Reflecting on what sets Carpenter & Zuckerman apart from other personal injury firms, John offers, “Maybe the fact that I accept that I have a lot to learn from everybody around me. I listen, and I think that really helps.”

Love In Action

After the settlement, John travelled from his office in Beverly Hills to Jose’s home in Richmond, California. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting so many normal routines, John wanted to spend some face-to-face time with Jose and “have a smile” with him.

Toward the end of John’s visit at the family’s home, Jose’s granddaughter excitedly requested a hug from John. Moved by the young girl’s appreciation, John reflected, “I think that little girl is going to remember this day for the rest of her life: the day that we came and saved her family.”

John distills his involvement in Jose’s case down to one point: “The moral of this case is: just listen. Listen and care. That’s all I did was just listen..and really searched for the answer for someone who really needed help. It’s just love.”

CZ Law: Dedicated to Representing the Injured

Founded over 25 years ago, Carpenter & Zuckerman is one of the largest personal injury law firms in California. Since its inception, the firm has secured over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts for personal injury victims. 

Guided by the founding principle of advocacy for individuals against well-funded insurance companies and corporate entities, the team of experienced trial attorneys at CZ Law stand committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for each client they represent.

John C. Carpenter is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. He graduated from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles in 1991, and together with Paul Zuckerman, established the law firm of Carpenter & Zuckerman in 1995. 

 An established trial attorney for over 30 years, Mr. Carpenter has procured over $100 million for his clients. He has been honored as a “Top 100 Attorney,” and his work has been recognized by VerdictSearch’s “Verdict of the Week.” 

In 2017, John was nominated “Attorney of the Year” by the distinguished Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). Read John’s full profile to learn more about his extensive experience and professional accomplishments. 

Whether you have sustained injuries as a result of a car accidentbicycle accidentslip and fall incidenta faulty product, or another cause entirely, the team of seasoned trial attorneys at CZ Law can help! We have extensive experience litigating all types of personal injury cases. 

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