E-Bike Accidents: Carpenter & Zuckerman Files Lawsuit Against Pedego, Inc. on Behalf of Injured Rider

Grace De Haas was riding her Black Edition City Commuter electric bicycle (a Pedego-brand e-bike) in San Juan Capistrano when something completely unexpected happened – her bike suddenly accelerated on its own, tossing her in the air and sending her crashing into the ground.

Grace was using her electric bike as any normal rider would and was wearing a helmet, but she was still affected by the e-bike defect and suffered grave injuries –  disc herniation in her spine, shoulder separation, fractured ribs, vertebral artery damage in her neck, and a stroke.

Our team at Carpenter & Zuckerman is seeking justice for Grace. We filed a lawsuit last week against Pedego, Inc. (the manufacturer of the e-bike), seeking full damages to help restore Grace and her husband for the pain and hardship they have experienced as a result of the bike defect. The plaintiffs are being represented by trial lawyers John Kristensen and Lance C. Behringer of CZ Law.

In the lawsuit De Haas v. Pedego, we are seeking a jury trial to hold the manufacturer responsible for its negligent actions. Our legal team is claiming several causes of actions on behalf of our clients, including negligence, failure to warn, and negligent recall. (Pedego recalled its electric bikes for the sudden acceleration issue a few months following Grace’s accident.)

“Pedego had a duty to put only safe e-bikes on the market and to warn consumers of any potential hazards concerning the bikes, but the company breached that duty,” Kristensen said. “As a result, our client suffered great injury that has turned her life completely upside down, and she deserves to be compensated fully and fairly for her pain and hardship.”

“When Pedego recalled the e-bikes, they told the Feds they were not aware of any injuries,” Kristensen continued. “That was false. Through discovery, we will uncover any other inaccurate statements about safety.”

Our team is seeking the maximum level of compensation on our clients’ behalf, including compensatory damages (compensation for things like medical expenses), damages for past and future loss of earnings, and punitive damages (damages meant to punish and make an example of Pedego).

Pedego is based in Fountain Valley, California and has more than 200 stores around the world.

Why Is Pedego Liable in E-Bike Accidents Like This One?

In the case of Grace’s accident, the sudden and unexpected acceleration of her electric bicycle was caused by a faulty electrical cable. Podego manufactured and/or distributed roughly 11,600 e-bikes throughout the U.S. with this electrical cable, which is intended to allow the bike to accelerate upon use.

Consumers such as Grace have a reasonable expectation that an e-bike they purchase would not have this type of product defect, and they have a right to be warned in a timely manner of any such hazards that may cause them injury.

Unfortunately, Pedego fell short of this duty, and it led to serious, life-altering consequences for our client.

While Pedego did issue a recall of several of its electric bicycle models due to the sudden acceleration issue (caused by the common corrosion or “fretting” of the e-bike’s electric cable), this was done months after Grace’s accident, which means she was not properly warned of the hazard.

According to the lawsuit we filed with the Orange County Superior Court of California:

“At the time that the Subject Vehicle and its electrical cables were designed and manufactured, PEDEGO, INC. knew or should have known of the critical importance of the wear on cable connections and the potential hazards they could cause. Despite that knowledge, PEDEGO, INC. designed and manufactured the electrical cable in a way it knew, or should have known, it would fail due to fretting and lead to injury.”

When a product manufacturer or distributor fails to take the necessary precautions to keep consumers safe from product defects or other unsafe qualities of its products, the law allows those consumers to take legal action and seek rightful compensation from the liable company.

We will NOT stand by and let consumers like Grace bear the financial hardship of their preventable injuries. Instead, we will do everything in our power to ensure that those consumers receive the justice they deserve!

Were You Injured in an Electric Bike Accident?

If you were seriously hurt in an accident involving a defective Pedego e-bike or any other type of electric bike, our team of skilled personal injury lawyers can help. We’re able to assist with accidents on electric bikes as well as all types of personal injury and product liability (defective product) cases, and we don’t stop until we obtain fair compensation for our clients!

Our product liability attorneys are well-known by insurance companies as being tough adversaries in court, and this often works in our favor at the negotiation table.

After an electric bicycle accident, don’t try to handle the aftermath alone – contact one of our experienced and passionate product liability lawyers! You pay NO fees unless we win your case.

Call (310) 273-1230 for a free consultation, or fill out our online form.

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