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Tara-Jane Flynn

Trial Lawyer

Licensed in: Ca

Tara-Jane Ingram Flynn is a Trial Lawyer at Carpenter & Zuckerman who is fiercely dedicated to ending the invalidation and silent suffering of injury victims. She empowers families and individuals when they have been hurt and deserve recovery. Nicknamed "Princess Warrior" by a now-retired judge for her relentless determination, tenacity, mental agility, and courage, Ms. Flynn is an invaluable addition to the firm.


Prior to joining CZ Law in 2023, Ms. Flynn honed her litigation skills for more than twenty years, working as trial counsel for several global corporations, Managing Trial Attorney for a Fortune 500 insurance company, and a criminal prosecutor in downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, Ms. Flynn volunteered her time as a judge pro tem.

All that changed when Ms. Flynn witnessed the suffering of someone close to her who endured a traumatic brain injury. Through that experience, Ms. Flynn felt the pull of a higher calling in her life, and responded with a dramatic change in her career, shifting from representing the defense to fighting on behalf of the injured.

An innately compassionate person, Ms. Flynn finds deep fulfillment in serving a higher purpose through remaining accessible to those in need. Leveraging her classical, technical training and substantial legal experience, she enjoys beating the defendants at their own game. A proponent of the truth with a heart of gold, Ms. Flynn believes her purpose is to help others through being their voice: she is their sword and their shield.

Ms. Flynn has been featured as both a co-host and a guest on the 790 AM radio show, "Call for Justice." Advising younger attorneys just beginning their careers, Ms. Flynn cautions, “Always show respect to judges. Never give the opposite side anything for free. Always ask for something in exchange.”


In 2000, Ms. Flynn obtained her J.D. in Litigation from the University of San Francisco. During her time in law school, Ms. Flynn worked in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, where she was honored to speak on “Environmental Degradation and its Impact on Human Rights.” Also during this time, she interned for the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, serving in the felony division.

Ms. Flynn completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and graduating with honors in 1997. While attending UC Berkeley, Ms. Flynn was a member of the Prytanean Honor Society, and interned for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

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