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Leon Bassil

Trial Lawyer

Licensed in: Ca

Leon Bassil is a personal injury lawyer at Carpenter & Zuckerman who is passionate about fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. He takes a stand for injury victims, helping to give them a voice when they need it most.

Leon started his law career on the corporate side, working as a workers’ compensation defense attorney for insurance companies and businesses. However, after two years, he decided to make the switch to representing plaintiffs only.

“I wanted to switch over to the plaintiff’s side to help people seek justice and make real changes in their lives," Leon said. "When I represent injury victims, I take up their fight as if it is my very own.”

Leon’s experience as a former defense attorney gives him valuable insights into the strategies of his opponents in personal injury cases, which is a powerful advantage for his clients. As an attorney who is committed to providing personalized representation, Leon makes it a point to listen to his clients' concerns and address their needs in the best way he can.

Personal Life & Education

Leon was born in Lebanon and moved to the U.S. with his family at the age of 9. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Irvine and then went on to attend law school on a part-time basis while launching multiple business ventures with his peers. Leon earned his juris doctorate (J.D.) degree from Pacific Coast University School of Law.

Leon is licensed to practice law in California. He speaks both English and Arabic.

In addition to being a fierce legal advocate for his clients, Leon is also a big fan of traveling, the great outdoors, sports, cars, and new experiences.

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