Why Do Some Personal Injury Attorneys Always Win Large Verdicts?

Some personal injury attorneys are known as aggressive litigators who always seem to win large verdicts on behalf of their clients, but others have not had much success in the courtroom. What’s the difference between these two types of attorneys? Why are some personal injury attorneys far more successful than others? Here’s what every personal injury attorney needs to consistently win large verdicts:


It takes a lot of time and energy to build a personal injury case and present it in court. Attorneys who do not have the resources to commit to a client typically do not find success in court. For example, if an attorney takes on too many cases at once, they may not have enough time for all of the clients they have promised to represent. For this reason, it’s best to look for an attorney who only takes on a handful of cases at once.

Successful attorneys also have strong teams behind them that provide support, communicate with clients, and assist with building cases. Without these resources, many attorneys would not be as successful as they are in the courtroom.


Many people think that attorneys are in the business of twisting the truth, but in reality, the best attorneys are the ones that are always honest. Juries will be able to tell if an attorney is being dishonest, and this will certainly affect which party they side with at the end of the case.

For example, let’s say an attorney tries to convince a jury that their client should be compensated for both a back and head injury. However, the attorney has only presented convincing evidence of the back injury. If the jury believes the attorney is being dishonest about the fact that the victim has a head injury, they may start to question whether anything that the attorney says is true. As a result, they may rule in favor of the defendant.

How can you tell if a personal injury attorney is honest? Read some of their reviews online to see what other clients have to say about working with them. You should take note of what promises they make to you during your initial consultation, too. If they are promising to recover an absurd amount of compensation for a minor injury, for example, this is a sign that they are not being honest.

Unique Set of Skills

Personal injury attorneys must possess certain skills in order to be successful in the courtroom, but unfortunately, many attorneys do not have these skills. Successful attorneys are gifted storytellers that know how to present a convincing case that the jury finds interesting and believable. This is much harder than it may seem, especially when the case involves complex topics that the jury may not understand. Attorneys who think that presenting a case in court is solely about relaying facts to the jury will not have much success. Juries get bored easily, which is why attorneys must embrace their role as storytellers.

Successful personal injury attorneys are also able to think quickly on their feet and react to new developments in the case. Attorneys must be able to object to the defense’s case and point out inconsistencies in a witness’s testimony at a moment’s notice. Trials can move fairly quickly, so if an attorney cannot keep up, they will not be able to win large verdicts for their clients.

Legal Experience

Most attorneys that are known for consistently winning large verdicts have many years of legal experience. Over the years, these lawyers have learned from their mistakes, picked up tips from watching others, and made valuable connections within the legal industry. Their experience has helped them develop new skills and grow into better lawyers, so they are now able to win larger verdicts for their clients.

For example, a personal injury attorney may learn from experience that the jury tends to value testimony provided by expert witnesses. The attorney can then use this information to their advantage by always hiring expert witnesses to testify on behalf of their clients. But, inexperienced attorneys may not understand the importance of hiring expert witnesses, which could affect the outcome of their client’s case.

If you are looking for an attorney with experience, make sure to ask about the attorney’s legal and trial experience. Most personal injury cases are settled outside of the courtroom, so it’s possible that an attorney with decades of legal experience could have absolutely no trial experience.


An attorney who is respected both inside and outside of the legal community may be more successful in court. Why? If the jury knows that an attorney has a good reputation, they may not question what the attorney has to say.

The judge may respond better to a personal injury attorney with a good reputation in the legal community, too. For example, the judge may rule in favor of the attorney in matters involving who is on the jury, what evidence is allowed to be presented in court, and objections to the defense’s testimony.

In some cases, an attorney’s reputation can also influence the defendant’s decisions. If the attorney is known as someone who always wins large verdicts, the defendant will not want to face the attorney in court. Therefore, the defendant may be more motivated to make a generous offer to the victim before the case goes to trial.

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