Problems Detecting Brain Injuries

Understanding the Complex Process That Comes with a Diagnosis

Identifying and diagnosing brain injuries is an often difficult and arduous process that involves medical professionals and experts to make a correct diagnosis. While brain injuries can be hard to identify, we at Carpenter & Zuckerman know the profound impact that these often serious injuries can have on victims and their families. 

How Brain Injuries Are Diagnosed

Brain injuries can be very tricky to properly diagnose, which is why it's vital that brain injury victims seek expert medical care after an accident. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there about brain injuries:

  • “If you weren't unconscious, you couldn't have been seriously injured.”
  • “There was no trauma visible on your x-rays, so you must be alright.”
  • “You’ve seen a doctor and had CAT scans and MRIs taken. How can these symptoms be related to head trauma?”
  • "These symptoms will likely go away naturally.”

After an accident, always listen to your body and take the steps that are needed to get proper medical care. Get in touch with our team today to discuss injuries that are related to third-party negligence.

Our skilled brain injury lawyers can help you seek maximum compensation so you can get your damages (such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, long-term care, lost wages, etc.) properly covered. Fill out the form for a FREE consultation.

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