Preventing Common Summertime Accidents

Everyone looks forward to having fun in the summer, but unfortunately, your summer plans could be disrupted if you or a loved one is injured in an unexpected accident. What can you to do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Follow these tips to avoid some of the most common summertime accidents:

Car Accidents

More people hit the road in the summer, and many of the drivers that you see are inexperienced teens that are out of school for the summer or tourists who are driving on unfamiliar roads. Because of this, there is usually an increase in car accidents during the summer. To avoid getting into an accident, make sure you obey traffic laws and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep your cell phone as far away from you as possible so you aren’t tempted to use it while you’re behind the wheel.

You can also avoid getting into an accident in the summer by staying off of the roads during major holidays such as Labor Day and the Fourth of July. There are more drunk drivers on the road on holidays, so it’s best to keep driving to a minimum to protect yourself.


People often celebrate Labor Day and Fourth of July by setting off fireworks. If you plan on lighting up the sky with fireworks, make sure that you know how to use them without hurting yourself. Keep a bucket of water nearby that can be used to soak dud fireworks and put out a fire in the event of an emergency. Never stand over a firework—even if it doesn’t seem to be taking off right away as expected.

You should never light more than one firework at a time or point the firework in someone’s direction while it is being lit. If kids are around, ask them to stand back while the adults light the fireworks and give them safety glasses that they can wear to protect their eyes. By following these tips, you can prevent most of the common injuries associated with summertime fireworks.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

More pedestrians and bicyclists head outdoors in the summer to enjoy the warm weather. Sadly, this means that there is usually an increase in the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. If you decide to get some fresh air, make sure that you are always wearing bright colored or reflective clothing so motorists don’t have trouble seeing you. Look both ways before you cross an intersection, even if you don’t think there are any cars coming.

Distracted walking and bicycling isn’t against the law, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Pedestrians and bicyclists need to focus all of their attention on their surroundings, so put all distractions away.

Finally, never assume that you know what a driver is about to do. For example, if it is your turn to cross at an intersection and there is a car approaching, don’t assume that the driver will stop just because they have a red light. Wait for the driver to slow down to a complete stop before you begin walking or biking across the intersection.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Anyone can be injured in a swimming pool, but kids tend to suffer these injuries far more often than adults. The best way to protect kids is to keep a close eye on them even if they are not actually in the pool. Unfortunately, many adults assume that their kids will be safe if they know how to swim. If it’s a pool party, some parents make the mistake of assuming that another adult is watching their kids, when in reality the children are unsupervised. These mistakes can have tragic consequences. In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Kids can also sustain brain and spinal cord damage in a swimming pool. For instance, kids can accidentally dive into the shallow end and hit their head on the bottom of the pool. Kids can also slip and fall if they are running around the slippery edges of the pool. To prevent these accidents, make sure you review basic safety tips with your kids prior to going to the pool. Identify the shallow end and deep end of the pool as soon as you arrive so your kids know which end is which.

Playground Injuries

Kids are out of school in the summer, so many parents may try to entertain them by taking them to a community playground. But unfortunately, there are hidden dangers on the playground that could lead to serious injuries. During the summer, the playground equipment can heat up to extreme temperatures if it is not in the shade. Parents should always check the temperature of playground equipment before letting their kids touch it. If they don’t, kids could sustain painful burns when their skin makes contact with the equipment.

Playground injuries can also occur when the equipment is defective or broken. Look at the equipment before allowing your child to use it to ensure it is stable and there are no visible hazards. You should also make sure that there is soft material such as mulch, sand, or woodchips on the ground. If the material isn’t soft, your child may fall off of the equipment and hurt himself when he hits the ground.

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