Brain Injuries Caused by Assault

Assaults can be serious and traumatic events, both physically and emotionally, that can sometimes cause moderate to severe brain injuries. It's a terrible thing when someone attacks another individual, which clearly is a purposeful attempt to cause harm to someone else. In cases like these, any injuries that the victim suffers from are the clear fault of the attacker.

Instances where injury by assault can occur include:

  • Violent altercations that result in punching, kicking, or impact to the head with blunt objects
  • Criminal acts such as robberies, muggings, or "jumping" where a person is purposefully hurt, or even more serious events such as shootings or stabbings
  • Serious blows to the head that cause the skull to fracture and brain tissue to be harmed
  • Aggressive arrests or restraint by police or security personnel 
  • Drunk drivers and road rage
  • Sexual-related crimes that result in injury 

We Treat Assault Cases with the Attention and Seriousness They Deserve

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury due to a direct assault, these are serious and often criminal events that deserve great attention and focus. The team at Carpenter & Zuckerman knows how to best navigate these cases in a way that allow for maximum compensation to be recovered.

We have a large team or experienced personal injury and brain injury lawyers attorneys who are ready to assist you with your assault or brain injury case. As true litigation attorneys, we're not afraid to take a case to trial, though we're often successful in obtaining high-value settlements prior to litigation.

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