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Ice Storm 2022 Wreaks Havoc in Western WA

A massive storm rolled into Western Washington just before Christmas Eve 2022, a large swath of the Pacific Northwest region was struck with power outages, airport closures, traffic accidents, and injuries, taxing the impacted areas’ emergency support services and bringing regional travel to a standstill.


Lawsuit Alleges Widespread Sexual Abuse in L.A. County Juvenile Hall System

Nearly 300 plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit alleging widespread sexual abuse in the Los Angeles County juvenile detention system, dating from the 1970s through 2018.


At-fault to $1M Settlement: CZ Law Procures Justice for Accident Victim’s Family

At CZ Law, we don’t back down from tough cases. Our formidable personal injury lawyers aren’t afraid of a challenge and strategically take on complex cases, when many less experienced firms would turn away. Most recently, CZ Law Partner Pejman Ben-Cohen, together with Trial Lawyer Peter Cho, secured a $1 million policy-limit settlement in a wrongful death accident lawsuit where our client, the decedent, was deemed 100% at-fault.


Exploding Gas Tank Defect Triggers Recall of 138K Polaris Snowmobiles

An exploding gas tank defect resulted in the recall of 138,000 Polaris snowmobiles in the United States, in addition to an estimated 61,000 units in Canada. Electrostatic discharge inside the fuel tanks can cause vapors to ignite during use, posing a fire hazard and potential injury.


Polaris Recalls RZR Off-Road Vehicles for Fire Hazard

Polaris Industries, Inc., in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), issued a voluntary recall of certain RZR Pro XP 4 off-road vehicles due to a potential fuel leak at the fuel pump assembly joint.


Fiat Chrysler Exploding Airbag Recall Triggers Do-Not-Drive Warning

In a seeming repeat of recent history, defective exploding Takata airbags have resulted in another major recall due to the risk of serious injury and death. On Thursday, November 3, 2022, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) issued a voluntary recall affecting over 276,000 vehicles outfitted with defective Takata driver-side airbags. The recall was issued after 2 consumer deaths in separate crashes resulting from the faulty airbags, which can rupture with age and humidity, launching dangerous shrapnel at vehicle drivers and occupants.


FDA Warns of Injury from Recalled Mighty Bliss Heating Pads

When a defective product makes its way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers, the consequences can be life-altering. Consumers can suffer injuries ranging in severity from mild skin irritation to death.


Happy First Day of Hispanic Heritage Month!

"Para La Raza" (For the People) - Happy First Day of Hispanic Heritage Month! Celebrating for a month from September 15th to October 15th it is a time for celebration to honor the history, culture and heritage of the past generations of the Hispanics.


How Can Hours of Service Violations Cause Dangerous Truck Accidents?

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