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Experienced Vehicle Accident Attorneys Fighting for You

We face inherent risks whenever we travel by car or any other vehicle.

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) statistics reveal a startling reality: five people were injured in traffic accidents every minute, and a life was lost on the road every fifteen minutes in 2019. In fact, traffic accidents rank as one of the top causes of death for individuals aged 1 to 54 in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

You deserve fair compensation if you experienced an injury in a vehicle accident caused by someone else’s negligence. We can help you seek it. 

You have a right to recover your damages, including physical losses, emotional suffering, and property damage. Insurance companies are known for trying to place blame on victims and pay out as little as they can. While anyone can file an insurance claim independently, enlisting the help of a qualified vehicle accident lawyer can ensure you receive the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. We’ll handle all the communication and negotiation with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from your accident.

At Carpenter & Zuckerman, our accomplished personal injury attorneys are well-versed in managing all vehicle accident claims. Other law firms recognize us for our formidable tenacity in settlement negotiations and the courtroom. Let us advocate for you, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation possible in your case. Contact us for a FREE consultation so we can begin fighting for you today!

We Handle All Types of Vehicle Accidents

CZ Law can help you pursue fair compensation if you sustained injuries in a vehicle collision, whether you were the vehicle driver or passenger, pedestrian, or bicyclist hit by a vehicle.

We provide unwavering legal representation for injured people, and we are versed in the full spectrum of vehicle accident cases, including:

We skillfully handle cases involving all types of injuries, including broken bones, soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash and injured ligaments, back injuries, spine injuries, brain injuries, and others. We represent injury victims, as well as the families of deceased vehicle accident victims, in wrongful death cases.

Common Causes of Traffic Accidents

An endless number of factors can result in a vehicle collision. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted driving (such as texting or eating while driving)
  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Road rage
  • Speeding and other traffic violations
  • Failing to see bicyclists or allow them adequate space on the road
  • Failing to see pedestrians or yield the right of way

Whether one person or multiple parties were at fault in your collision, our team of dedicated vehicle accident attorneys can thoroughly investigate your crash, gather the necessary evidence, and prove liability in your case so you can obtain a fair settlement or court verdict.

Even if you were partially at fault for your accident, it’s still important to talk to an attorney, as you may be entitled to recover partial compensation.

What to Do After a Vehicle Accident

To protect your safety and build a strong foundation for your case, follow these steps after your car or vehicle accident:

  • Call 911 if anyone is injured.
  • File a police report and request a copy for your records.
  • Request contact and insurance information from all involved parties.
  • Gather witness contact information to help corroborate your side of the story.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, nearby signage, road conditions, and injuries.
  • Get an immediate medical evaluation in the ER or a regular doctor’s office, even if your injuries do not seem severe.
  • Keep detailed records of all accident-related expenses, including medical bills, vehicle repairs, vehicle rentals, and any other costs associated with your accident. 
  • Call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Avoid making statements to the insurance companies before consulting with an attorney.

Our Vehicle Accident Attorneys Will Fight to Get You Paid!

When it comes to your vehicle collision case, you don’t need to handle it alone.  Our highly experienced CZ Law vehicle accident lawyers are here to fight for justice on your behalf so you can focus on your recovery!

We have been representing injury victims for nearly 30 years, and during that time, we have obtained over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our award-winning lawyers won’t back down until we get you the compensation you deserve.

CZ Law serves clients throughout California and other states with offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Seattle.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call at (310) 273-1230 or fill out our online form. We work on a contingency basis, which means you pay no legal fees unless we win your case!

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