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Work-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries

Dangerous work-related conditions can lead to serious falls that lead to moderate to severe injury to the skull and brain. While a workers’ compensation claim can help victims recover some lost income and coverage for some medical bills, this is often not enough to fully compensate brain injury victims for all costs of their injury. While getting the medical care required after a serious work-related accident is vital, if these injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s also vital to speak with a legal expert about the steps that should be taken to be compensated for these injuries. 

A brain injury can have many different consequences, such as lost income, medical bills, and symptoms such as changes to mood, depression, and cognitive impairment. These symptoms and others can lead to difficulties in the workplace, as well as social difficulties at home and with children and spouses. As you can see, brain injuries are often complex injuries that affect many aspects of life. If you’re experienced a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s vital to seek out the compensation needed to address the above issues. 

Experience matters in brain injury cases

Carpenter & Zuckerman specializes in traumatic brain injury cases and has been able to represent the victims and families of brain injury accidents for years. We have the expertise necessary to win these cases, and to maximize the compensation for victims. We see cases involving brain injuries that are caused by:

  • Injuries related to construction work
  • Work-related car or truck accidents
  • Slips and falls from considerable heights
  • Dilapidated buildings and unkept structures 
  • Machinery and work equipment 
  • Consumer products 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss brain injuries that occur due to the above or other reasons. 

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