Cassandra Gyorkos

HR Manager, Talent Acquisition

“CZ isn’t stuck in one way of doing things, and it’s refreshing to see how willing the firm is to be on the cutting edge of new policy and recruitment efforts.”

Cassandra Gyorkos is a human resources professional who oversees talent acquisition for all of Carpenter & Zuckerman. From the first point-of-contact throughout an employee’s tenure with the firm, Cassandra takes pride in working closely with each individual, carefully balancing policy and procedure with an employee’s unique talents and career aspirations to ensure they have a rich, positive experience while contributing to CZ Law’s success.

In July 2022, Cassandra joined CZ Law as a human resources generalist and was quickly promoted to Human Resources Manager. Prior to joining CZ Law, Cassandra worked as Human Resources Manager for Hooks, Meng, & Clement, a workers’ compensation firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, she provided leadership for a team of 35 employees, managing all aspects of human resources for the firm — from talent acquisition to talent retention, payroll, and employee benefits.

In addition to her HR role, Cassandra oversaw billing for HMC’s finance department, which provided her with unique, interdepartmental experience. Cassandra leverages this understanding of HR as a business function to ensure that CZ Law thrives.

Education & Professional Certifications

Cassandra earned her Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2021, and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2018.

While pursuing her MPA and undergraduate degree at UNLV, Cassandra was extremely engaged in university life, and gained practical experience working in various capacities on campus. Her roles included Graduate Assistant / Advisor, where she advised over 200 students and assisted with student orientation; Student Engagement Facilitator, where she handled student relations and coordinated activities; and Office Assistant, where she assisted university staff and students in the Criminal Justice Department. Additionally, Cassandra served as a Student Conduct Hearing / Academic Integrity board member and a Public Policy research assistant.

Cassandra is affiliated with several professional HR organizations, including the American Society for Public Administration and the Society of Human Resources Management. She holds professional certifications in both FERPA and CITI.

Cassandra’s Keys to Success

To succeed in the ever-changing landscape of HR in the legal industry, Cassandra says the key is effective and timely communication, combined with flexibility and innovation. To be truly successful, Cassandra believes an HR professional must “view themselves as an extension of the firm.”

When asked about her role at CZ Law, Cassandra says the experience has been phenomenal, and points to the fact that she’s constantly challenged and given space to develop new processes and opportunities for the staff.