Sasha J. Skaf

Senior Trial Lawyer
Licensed in: CA


Sasha Jeanette Skaf is a fiercely dedicated senior trial lawyer at Carpenter & Zuckerman.  Her mission is to achieve justice for people who are being treated as dispensable by insurance companies and big businesses. 

Energetic, passionate, and relentless, Sahsa is a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who is wholeheartedly committed to protecting her clients from insurance companies and securing remarkable results.

She strives to make accident victims’ voices heard and ensure they receive fair compensation for the life-altering injuries and losses they suffered. Since joining the firm, Sasha has recovered millions of dollars for her clients. 

Sasha takes a holistic approach to litigation. Not only does she focus on legal strategy and diligently litigating each case she handles, but she also devotes incredible time and effort to getting to know her clients and tailoring her methodology to each of their individual needs.

“I believe in treating my clients as more than just a case file,” Sasha says. “I get to know them personally, hearing them out and giving them my time.”

Before joining Carpenter & Zuckerman in 2018, Sasha worked for a business litigation defense firm in Los Angeles. She left the defense side in favor of plaintiff’s work, seeking justice and channeling her energy into making injured plaintiffs whole again.

Sasha grew up in a home with profound respect and appreciation of the law. Her father was a lawyer in Lebanon, where he had his own practice, but his office was destroyed during the civil war. He eventually emigrated to the United States in his early 40s. He took on a new career, but even with his change in livelihood, the law always stuck with him, and he instilled those values into his family. Today, Sasha uses those values and the skills she has acquired as a litigator to protect the rights of injury victims.

“Our household approached everything by way of making your case, arguing your point, and getting your way that way — by winning the argument and being the most persuasive,” Sasha recalls. “I learned that this ability to express myself, speak up, argue a position, and get the outcome I wanted was my best tool to navigate life and help those around me.”


Sasha received her undergraduate degree from Occidental College, majoring in Diplomacy and World Affairs. She then obtained her J.D. from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Sasha is licensed to practice law in California.



Named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list in 2024