Paul S. Zuckerman

Licensed in: CA

“Carpenter & Zuckerman has grown to become a leading personal injury law firm on the West Coast. We are well-known to insurance companies for consistently winning multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts against them. We are not afraid to go to court and litigate if necessary. Insurance companies know this, so they pay attention to our demands. Other law firms know this too, and often bring their cases to us when insurance companies refuse to make fair settlements for their clients. This aggressive reputation allows us to help hundreds of people every year to quickly get the medical treatment and fair compensation they deserve when they are injured.”


Paul S. Zuckerman is a distinguished founding partner of Carpenter & Zuckerman, a law firm renowned for championing the rights of the injured against formidable opponents, including wealthy insurance companies and powerful government entities. Paul’s guiding philosophy, grounded in empathy, dedication, and legal expertise, is encapsulated in his sentiment: “I am thankful for every opportunity to deliver justice for my clients and their families.” This mindset has shaped his professional identity and defined the firm’s mission.

Paul’s legal journey began in 1991 when a prominent insurance company recruited him as a corporate lawyer, a role he optimistically assumed with the hope of serving policyholders in need, like a good neighbor. However, the reality of the insurance company’s true intentions came to light—prioritizing corporate profits over people’s welfare—prompting a pivotal shift in Paul’s career.

Alongside his law school colleague, John Carpenter, Paul established Carpenter & Zuckerman, a law firm that genuinely advocates for the injured. Paul’s approach is deeply personal; he routinely reaches out to clients, fostering relationships built on trust and understanding. This authentic connection enables him to grasp the full extent of his clients’ losses and vehemently fight for their causes.

Through his unwavering commitment and strategic legal acumen, Paul has secured well over $100 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients, demonstrating his courtroom prowess and dedication to justice. Paul stands as a beacon of justice, empathy, and success in personal injury law, embodying the values and results that define Carpenter & Zuckerman.


Paul attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, where he earned his law degree and graduated near the top of his class. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Southern California. Paul’s credentials from these prominent institutions laid the foundation for his legal philosophy and practice.


California State Bar (1991-Present)

Notable Wins


Won for a boxer who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in an automobile collision. 


Won for a homeless drug addict who had been run over by a garbage truck. Today, the client is clean and sober and helps other homeless men and women get off of the street. 


Won in less than six months for a British woman who was struck by a van while on her morning walk.


Won in less than six months for a former male model and songwriter who exacerbated a longstanding spinal injury after a car collision. 


Won for a U.S. Army veteran and former railroad worker who exacerbated a back injury after a car crash.